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  .  Eyebrows (Eyebrows are micro individual hair strokes for a delicate natural look)                                                                                                                           .Eyeliner ,Eyelash Enhancement ,water line                                                                Lip liner ,Full Lip color                                                                                                  Areola Repigmentation                                                                                                 .  Scare/Skin Camouflage                                                                                                Corrective tattooing                                                                                                        .  Beauty Mark/Freckes

  •  I work directly with your plastic surgeon to personalize your procedure

  • Minimal discomfort is normal during the tattooing process

  • Cosmetic prices range from $100 to $550 (Free Consultations)

  • Breast prices range from $500 to $700 (Free Consultations)

  • Group Health Provider                                                                                                With consultation, your appointment is approximately  1 to 2 hour

  • I use medical sterilization (autoclave) for all my instruments                           Your actual tattooing time is quick

  • Touch-ups are offered, but not generally needed

  • No bleeding or scabbing , No downtime

  • Follow up appointments are included though usually not needed

  •   my Facebook page for more information and photos

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