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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you autoclave?

A. Yes.  You deserve, and should expect complete medical sterilization.

Q. Can I do this on my lunch hour?

A. Probably.  About an hour of the procedure is a helpful, informative consultation, then about 3 to 5 minutes for the actual tatoo per eye or eyebrow.


Q. Do you shave my eyebrows?  

A. No.


Q.  Is there swelling?

A. Minimal if any.

Q. Is there bleeding or scabbing.  

A. No.

Q. Can I have different colors?

A. Yes, the colors are a personal choice.

Q. Who determines the shape of the eyebrows and liner?

A. You're the ultimate decision maker, but with my 27 years of experience, I'll provide input on what my experience suggests might look best on you.


Q.  If I have permanent eyeliner, will my eyelashes fall out?

A. No.


Q. How many follow-up appointments will I need?  

A.  Normally, none; although if required they are available.

Q. How long does the permanent makeup last?  

A. You'll probably not need to have it redone ever, but it may vary with color choice, medicine and body chemistry.  The color will be a little darker for a few days right after your permanent makeup is done.

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